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Calvert House Apartments Building Enclosure

A comprehensive condition evaluation of the building exterior was conducted for the Calvert House apartment building, a 10-story building located in the Woodley Park neighborhood. The visible conditions found that affected the integrity of the structure included: spalling and delamination of balcony-slab and exposed-slab edges, peeling of the waterproof membrane on the balconies, and cracked brick mortar joints. The exterior enclosure also experienced chronic leaks and persistent water intrusion.

A final report detailing the deteriorating conditions was prepared in addition to providing repair and preventive maintenance recommendations. Subsequently, repairs to the balcony and fa├žade were performed, including:

  • Repair of the spalled and deteriorated concrete on all exposed slab edges, balcony top surfaces and soffits;
  • Application of waterproof membrane on the balcony top surfaces;
  • Application of acrylic coating to the balcony;
  • Replacement of cracked or spalled bricks;
  • Repair of cracked and distressed mortar joints; and
  • Removal and replacement of the existing railings with new glass panel railings.

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