Responsive structural engineering services for every phase of your building’s life cycle.

Our suite of services—from structural design to repair to building enclosure consulting —support our clients at every stage of a building’s lifespan, including design, construction, and maintenance processes. Because our approach is comprehensive, we’re able to present cost-effective strategies that balance initial design with future maintenance costs, anticipated service life, and public safety. Across all of our services, we help the architects, owner’s representatives, and construction experts we serve deliver projects of superior innovation and quality with confidence.

Delivering our structural engineering services through a collaborative, team-based approach, we make sure we are not only addressing the task at hand, but are also addressing larger problems for the benefit of the project as a whole. Whether your building is a cutting-edge concept in its early stages or a century-old landmark ready for a new purpose, our analysis, design, assessment, and evaluation teams will guide your project to certain success.