Take Your Child to Work STEM-Day!

April 25, 2024

SK&A Structural Engineers hosted a thrilling “Take Your Child to Work Day” event, embracing a STEM theme tailored to our industry! On April 25th, our Potomac, MD office buzzed with over thirty enthusiastic young minds. Their day kicked off with exciting activities like scavenger hunts and escape rooms. Then, after lunch, they ventured outside and delved into our STEM stations in the park. At the Science station, they explored material densities by crafting multi-colored Density Towers. Technology enthusiasts learned the art of creating AI-generated images. The Engineering station had kids constructing catapults and launching balls across the courtyard. Finally, at the Math station, they measured everything in sight, including themselves!

These tiny “Experts in Training” brought boundless joy and laughter to our workspace. A heartfelt thank you to all the brilliant young participants and our dedicated SK&A team members who generously volunteered their time, talents, and resources to make this day an unforgettable success!