Introducing “Station U & O”

January 02, 2024

All aboard- Full steam ahead to Station U & O!

Dantes Partners recently announced that “Parcel 42” would be named “Station U & O.” Located at 1707 7th Street NW, in DC’s Shaw neighborhood, this 10-story residential tower will feature 110 apartment units, ground-floor retail, and multiple lounge areas with city views. SK&A Structural Engineers is providing the structural analysis and design for this affordable housing project and is pleased to be collaborating with Grimm + Parker Architects and Davis Construction toward Station U & O’s successful completion.

The Station U & O website describes this new development, saying:

“Here, all stops lead to a world where the vibrant nightlife of U Street meets the boutique retail and cultural institutions of O Street. Explore the rich tapestry of culinary delights, from trendy eateries to classic dining experiences, all within a walkable distance. Immerse yourself in a neighborhood that thrives on intersection, pulsating with creativity and community spirit.

Station U & O is not just a place to live; it’s a station in life. A place where transit-oriented living meets unparalleled convenience, where every journey leads home, and where the rhythm of the city resonates with the beat of your heart. Your station awaits, and it’s more than a home; it’s a vibrant, walkable, and livable experience that captures the very soul of the Shaw neighborhood.”

Another SK&A project in the Shaw Neighborhood called The Langston, just Topped Out. Learn more here.