Finish Line Celebration: 6-Year Garage Repair Project at Crystal Park

SK&A and Choice Restoration Services were thrilled to jointly host a celebratory lunch to mark the successful completion of a six-year-long garage repair project at Crystal Park in Arlington, VA. We were honored to have several key members from our client, JBG Smith (Property Manager/Owner), as well as other essential vendors who contributed to the project’s success, join us for this special occasion. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate, reunite, and reflect on our collective achievements.

The journey began in May 2018, when we embarked on comprehensive garage repairs at the Crystal Park Office Complex, starting with Crystal Park 4 (2345 Crystal Drive). Over the past six years, the team—including JBG Smith, Choice Restoration Services, PACS, Tech Painting, and SK&A—collaborated to complete repairs for all five properties at the complex. Despite numerous challenges, the projects were a resounding success, thanks to the exceptional teamwork and dedication of each member involved.

Project Overview:

A comprehensive garage restoration program at the Crystal Park office complex which features five parking garages, originally constructed between 1984 and 1988, totaling an area of approximately 1,455,550 square feet. SK&A provided Repair + Restoration and Waterproofing services, including performing the initial condition assessment. View additional project details here.

This project is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of dedication and resilience in overcoming challenges. We are incredibly proud of the work accomplished and grateful to everyone who contributed to this monumental effort. Here’s to many more successful projects in the future!