Topping Out The Langston in Washington, D.C.

December 13, 2023

Located in Washington D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood, known for being home to the Howard Theater and the 9:30 Club, The Langston will feature over 200 apartment units and ground-floor retail. This new 380,000 SF multifamily building just reached its Topping Out milestone. SK&A Structural Engineers joined Cooper Carry, CBRE, and HITT Contracting for the celebration.

“One unique element is that a corner of the project cantilevers out over underground WMATA tunnels.  In order to avoid surcharging the tunnels, that corner of the building was designed to “hang” off of the rest of the structure. Temporary structural steel bracing was used to support the corner of the building until the roof slab was poured.” ~SK&A Project Manager, Macenzie Smith, PE, SE

We applaud the entire project team for their efforts in reaching this milestone and recognize the following SK&A Structural Engineers’ team members who have contributed to this project’s success: Hakan Onel, PE, SE, Monika Crandall, PE, LEED AP, and Macenzie Smith, PE, SE.