Our SE 2050 Embodied Carbon Action Plan

May 01, 2023

We are pleased to present our SE 2050 Embodied Carbon Action Plan!

Last August, SK&A committed to join the SE 2050 Challenge, an initiative to encourage substantive embodied carbon reductions in the design and construction of structural systems by the collective structural engineering profession.

“We embrace the vision of the SE 2050 program and recognize our responsibility to understand the impacts of our work on the environment.”

~ Scott B. Stewart, PE, SE, SK&A Managing Principal

A key step of our participation in the SE 2050 Challenge was the development of the Embodied Carbon Action Plan. This document includes a message from SK&A Managing Principal Scott Stewart, PE, SE, shows the members of our Embodied Carbon Committee, and outlines our plans for Education, Knowledge Sharing, and Reporting. It also introduces SK&A’s approach to reducing embodied carbon in our work.

The SK&A staff spearheading this effort include our Embodied Carbon Reduction Champion, Sara Zaman, PE, and our SK&A Committee Lead, James Grant, PE, SE, CDT, as well as Hakan Onel, PE, SE, and Josh Woolcock, PE, LEED AP.

View SK&A’s SE 2050 Embodied Carbon Action Plan