First Ever Office to Mixed Use Conversion in Charlotte, NC

As reported in the Charlotte Business Journal, plans were recently unveiled for an exciting transformation: the conversion of the former Duke Energy Headquarters into luxury apartments and retail space. The 1970s-era office towers located at Brooklyn Village Avenue and Church Street in Uptown Charlotte will be reimagined as 448 luxury apartments, complemented by 25,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. This project marks the first-ever office-to-mixed-use conversion in Charlotte, NC, setting a new precedent for urban redevelopment in the city!

SK&A is delighted to provide the structural engineering and building enclosure consultation for this “Brooklyn & Church” project. It’s a privilege to collaborate with Asana Partners, MRP Realty, SK&I Architecture, LandDesign, Morris Adjmi Architects and Balfour Beatty on this pivotal transformation.

Reed Kracke, a partner at Asana, elaborates on the project, saying that “many aspects of Duke’s design for the 13-story, L-shaped office tower made it ideal for residential conversion. The floor plates are 90-foot-wide by 140-foot-long, which…are very similar to a multifamily floor plate.” Following demolition, “the only thing that will remain are slabs and columns of the existing towers. The entirety of the buildings being preserved will be reskinned from a glass and facade perspective. So, from the outsider or renter’s perspective, there really will be no visibility to the fact that it’s a conversion versus a new build.” (Franco, 2024).

We recognize the efforts of our SK&A Team Members working towards this project’s success: Hakan Onel, PE, SE, Sarah Gallis, PE, SE, Macenzie Smith, PE, SE, Catherine Pastoor, PE, SE, Siddhant Patil, EIT, Cindy Garman, PE, BECxP, CxA+BE, Justin Long, PE, RBEC, BECxP, Ahmad Khalilullah, EIT, and Gordon Randall

Source: Franco, E. (2024, May 29). “Asana Partners, MRP Realty to start $250M overhaul of uptown Charlotte office building this summer” Charlotte Business Journal.

Images: Screenshots from Charlotte Business Journal.