Scrub-a-dub-dub: SK&A built a tub! CANstruction 2023

Update November 27, 2023: SK&A’s CANsculpture won the award for Structural Ingenuity!

The big CANstruction 2023 build took place on Sunday, November 19th at the National Building Museum. Fourteen volunteers from Team SK&A, plus 1,161 cans of food combined to create our CANsculpture called “Splish, Splash, Hunger’s Takin’ a Bath!

Let’s make a splash and create a brighter, more nourished tomorrow! ‘Splish, Splash, Hunger’s Takin’ a Bath!’ symbolizes our mission to wash away hunger one can at a time.

The old-fashioned clawfoot tub contrasted with the rubber ducky toy reminds us that hunger impacts the less fortunate of every age, young and old alike. The opened shower curtains are an encouragement to pull back the veil to see those in need and allow your heart to bubble over with compassion.

Step into this bathtub of hope, and together, let’s soak away our neighbor’s hunger pains. This sculpture is simply overflowing with cans that demonstrate the CANStruction effort being poured into helping our community.

SK&A was honored to be one of many design and construction firms from the Greater Washington Metropolitan area who participated in the AIA DC 2023 CANstruction competition. This annual event facilitates the donation of significant funds and Tens of Thousands of cans of food to the Capital Area Food Bank, helping to fill the stomachs of local people in need. We specifically thank our SK&A team members, including Team Leader Maurice O’Connor, PE, who volunteered their time, labor, and creativity in this endeavor.

Click this link to join us in the fight against hunger: Learn More and Donate