Pike & Rose (White Flint Metro)

Built on top of the former Mid-Pike Plaza commercial site, this 28-acre urban mixed-use development is located off of Rockville Pike near to the White Flint metro.  At full build-out will include 3.4 million sf of construction, comprised of high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, and podium structures designed by three separate architectural firms to promote distinctive designs and architectural styles.

The complex features: 1.1 million sf of office space, 1.7 million sf of residential, a 90,000 sf hotel, 430,000 sf of retail and 4,000 parking spaces.  Project phasing is programmed into twelve blocks starting with Phase 1 that features 150,000 sf of retail, an iPic theater, 490 residential units and 80,000 sf of office.