Crystal Square Complex Parking Garage Repairs

The Crystal Square Complex in Arlington, Virginia consists of four office buildings and an apartment building bordered by Crystal Drive, 18th Street, 15th Street, and Jefferson Davis Highway in Crystal City.  The five high-rise structures sit atop three levels of subterranean parking used by the residential and commercial entities.  The upper two tiers of parking (G-2 and G-3 Levels) consists of one-way joist slab, flat slab construction, and post-tensioned normal weight concrete slabs with the lowest level (G-4) being a slab-on-grade.

SK&A performed a phased comprehensive condition appraisal of the garage complex that included a delamination survey and preparation of repair budget estimates.  Upon completion of each phase of the garage assessment, SK&A prepared repair construction documents pursuant to the cost budget and scope of repairs authorized by the owner.  SK&A’s construction documents detailed the requirements for the phasing of each of the five building garage sections, and for constructing the structural, MEP, architectural, and waterproofing repairs to the garage.  The documents consisted of drawings and specifications that included the quality level of materials and systems required for the repair program.  Bids were solicited on the Owner’s behalf and SK&A reviewed the received bids and provided recommendations for an award.