The First Building of The Bridge District Breaks Ground

May 19, 2022

SK&A joined Developer Redbrick for the groundbreaking of The Douglass, the first of six buildings at the massive Bridge District Mixed-Use Megadevelopment.

Formerly known as Columbian Quarter, plans for the 4.5-acre site near the Anacostia Metro station include over 2 million square feet of development. Opportunities for innovative engineering at The Douglass include below-grade construction beneath the flood plain using a “bathtub” design, as well as contributions to the project’s sustainability goals with the concrete mixes utilizing a cement-reducing admixture. This 757-unit apartment building will be carbon net-zero!

The SK&A team on this project, working together with ZGF Architects and Hitt Contracting, includes Walid Choueiri, PE, SE, Dan Cocciardi, PE, SE, and Eric Iavarone, EIT. Walid and Shambi Eubanks joined Redbrick for this groundbreaking event.