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The SK&A Group has long been at the forefront in the adoption and application of computer technology for structural engineering design, analysis and documentation activities. Advancements in structural software for Building Information Modeling (BIM) has allowed us to fully integrate this technology into our workflow. Using Autodesk’s Revit Structure since 2006, we have aggressively worked to incorporate BIM into our production efforts and to advance our use of this technology, including the use of clash detection and third party analysis and design software, enabling integration between analysis and production.

Guided by Kellie Farster, PE, LEED AP, CDT, Project Manager and Director of Building Information Modeling, SK&A has developed an extensive library of standardized and semi-standardized details for steel, concrete, precast, and timber construction and is available for use on all projects. As a proactive leader in BIM, SK&A has also incorporated the technology into pre-construction phase services to coordinate and facilitate the cost estimating and construction process leading to savings in money and time for the design-build team.

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Additional state-of-the-art structural engineering software is used to perform investigation, analysis and design functions. 

Examples of typical structural software packages used by SK&A engineers include: 

  • Bentley RamConcept
  • Bentley Ram Structural System
  • SAP
  • SAFE

SK&A engineers have a host of additional smaller task-oriented software programs available to assist in specific structural element design.

The SK&A Group uses the latest version of AutoCAD in support of drawing production on projects which are not undertaken with BIM, or to support some BIM production. 

The SK&A Group’s Information Technology operations are managed and directed by Khalil Khozeimeh, DSc, IT Director (who is also an experienced senior structural engineer), along with IT Manager, Kate Mackowiak, PhD.