The Wharf DC

SK&A has provided structural engineering services for Phases One and Two of the transformative, new mixed-use waterfront redevelopment, The Wharf.  Located on the historic Washington Channel, adjacent to the L’Enfant Plaza and the Waterfront Metro Stations, the development integrates residential, office, retail, hotel, cultural facilities, and multiple public spaces along a total of 27 acres.

Phase I

SK&A provided structural services for three of five total parcels in Phase 1 of the project, as well as the two-level underground garage that supports all of the parcels in Phase 1.  The parcels consist of:

  • Parcel 3 – is divided into two sections: 
    • 3A includes an office building (200,000 gsf) with 20,000 gsf of ground floor retail; 
    • 3B includes a 12-story hotel (238,000 gsf) with 268 rooms, restaurants, bars, ballrooms and other meeting/event spaces, a spa, and retail space. 
  • Parcel 4 – consists of a 12-story mixed-use residential building, evenly divided between apartments and condominiums (310,000 gsf).  A 50,000 gsf health club and 25,000 gsf of retail space will also be included in this structure.
  • Parcel 5 – includes two hotels housed in a single building (250,000 sf).

Phase II

Similar to Phase I, SK&A is also providing structural services for parcels 6, 7, 8 and 10 within Phase II of the project.  These parcels consist of:

  • Parcels 6 & 7 – will include two trophy office buildings with an extensive ground floor area for retail or additional office spaces.  Combined, these parcels will include approximately 430,000 gsf of office, 45,000 gsf of retail, and 4,000 gsf of back-of-house space.  
  • Parcel 8 – will be a mixed-income apartment building with retail spaces, including a grocery store and movie theater on the ground and second floors. Parcel 8 will include approximately 265,000 sf of apartment units/amenity space, 28,000 sf of retail, 26,000 sf movie theater, 3,400 sf of back-of-house space.  
  • Parcel 10 – is slated to be a boutique office building with retail on the ground floor. Parcel 10 will include approximately 50,000 sf of office, 20,000 sf of retail and 1,800 sf of back-of-house space.

For the Phase II parcels, two garages, Garage 2 & Garage 3, support the multiple buildings that sit above grade.  SK&A is providing structural design for Garage 2  which supports Parcels 6, 7 and 8 and will be two levels below grade