West Grace Street Housing, Virginia Commonwealth University

A 161,078 gsf, five-story student housing building and a new independent 98,700 gsf, five-level parking structure for 212 cars.  The facility included 122 housing units for 459 beds and two private courtyard gardens, ground-level retail bays, and a new sculptural steel and glass trellis entrance.

The housing structure consists of pre-engineered light-gauge metal roof trusses, hollow core precast concrete floor plank, light-gauge metal bearing/shear walls, and a composite steel-framed transfer level at the second floor to accommodate first floor retail, office, and community spaces.  The parking structure consists of pre-cast concrete double-T’s supported on pre-cast concrete bearing walls and girders.  Foundations for both structures are conventional spread footings.  The facility achieved a LEED Silver certification.