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USNRC Two White Flint
Façade Repairs

The Two White Flint office building, which houses the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) features a precast panel façade with ribbon and individually punched windows.  The ten-story office building also features a glass curtain wall and storefront enclosures, which project beyond the corners of the building.  An initial façade condition assessment, which included close-up visual examinations and diagnostic leak testing, revealed that the original façade sealants had outlived their useful life.  Isolated areas of precast concrete cracking, delaminations, and spalling were identified through close-up examination and concrete sounding.

The façade sealant replacement and precast concrete repair scopes were designed, bid, and executed by a qualified local contractor with the work completed in a phased approach using multiple swing stage drops on each elevation of the building while the building remained occupied.  All precast-to-precast, window perimeter, and glass wet glazing sealants were removed and replaced with new urethane and silicone sealants.  A pre-compressed air seal joint was also installed beyond the exterior sealants to provide a continuous air barrier, and all sealants were replaced throughout the corner fenestrations as well.  Isolated precast concrete repairs were also completed throughout the façade including routing and sealing of cracks and partial depth concrete repairs.  A field performance testing was also provided utilizing AAMA 501.2 and spray-rack equipment at the conclusion of each drop.

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