SK&A Project Gallery

Tips for navigating the SK&A website project gallery

  • The project gallery is primarily sorted alphabetically by project name
  • To quickly locate projects by name, location or date, access the “Find” window from your keyboard by using CTRL + “F” to do a text-based search
  • To filter the project gallery by SK&A division, select the appropriate button at the top of the “Project” page (i.e., Structural Design vs. Repair + Restoration)
  • To view and apply additional project type filters, select “Project Types” and check the applicable project-type checkbox.
  • For more complex filtering, the division and project type may be applied simultaneously.

For example, to view K-12 Academic projects performed by our Design Division:

  1. Select “Structural Design”;
  2. Select “Project Types”;
  3. In the pop-up window, select the “Academic-K-12” checkbox; A group of K-12 academic projects will display;
  4. Click on the “X” located in the upper right corner of the “Project Types” pop-up window to close.
  • The “Project Types” filter may also be applied within the “Show All” gallery view, which provides a combined listing of Structural Design and Repair + Restoration projects.
Testing + Inspection
Project Types
Our Testing & Inspection specialists offer a variety of quality services including testing and inspection, quality control, special inspections, and specialty services.