Promenade Plaza Rehabilitation

SK&A provided plaza restoration services at the Promenade Towers apartment complex.  The spacious, elevated plaza includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool and is bordered by the two high-rise residential buildings all of which sits over a three-story garage.  The plaza/garage structure consists of cast-in-place concrete framing with post-tensioned concrete elevated slabs and was constructed in four sections separated by expansion joints.

Originally constructed around 1972, the plaza and pool included a concrete topping sundeck and several deep planters.  The overall plaza appearance had become aesthetically displeasing due to deteriorating topping slab and planter wall conditions. There were several leaks through the plaza deck, down into the garage space below, and structural distress existed in isolated locations, particularly under the planters.

SK&A performed the initial analysis of the plaza structure to determine allowable load capacities and provided strengthening design once the final landscape concept plan was completed.  The project also required concrete repair, waterproofing, steel/carbon fiber strengthening, and post-tension repair.  All of the strengthening and waterproofing were fast-tracked over a four and a half month period.