Garage 55 Dixon Avenue Extension

SK&A was the lead consulting engineer responsible for coordinating and planning the design efforts for the modification and extension of Garage 55 through Dixon Avenue.  The project involved the removal of portions of the structure in the second tier of parking, and modifications to the ground floor level in order to accommodate headroom for the southward extension of Dixon Avenue through the parking facility.  For this effort SK&A not only conducted a physical survey and structural design of the modifications, we led the team of professionals for the project development, design, and construction efforts.   Although the Developer had their civil engineers on board for the site development efforts, the Montgomery County Government authorized SK&A to engage our civil consultant AMT, to provide a peer review of the Developers’ design.  Additionally, AMT redesigned the relocated garage grease interceptors and worked closely with WSSC, ensuring the original terms and agreement under a “Mandatory Referral” between the County and the municipal water authority were maintained.  SK&A and AMT worked closely with Mr. Atiq Panjshiri from the Montgomery County Traffic Department, on the right-of-way agreement, road alignment, easement details and County maintenance responsibilities.  J&Z Engineers provided lighting studies for the street lighting program, and worked closely with PEPCO and the County’s street lighting department, in an effort to coordinate the lighting requirements relevant to each municipality.  ETI also provided testing and inspection services during construction of the modifications.