Garage 5 Slab Replacement and MEP Upgrade

Under a task order contract with the Montgomery County Department of Public Works and Transportation Division of Capital Development Services (DPWT), SK&A provided a detailed assessment of Parking Garage 5 located at 1110 and 1101 Bonifant Street in Silver Spring, MD.  The garage consists of five tiers of above-grade levels with a framing system containing 5” thick reinforced concrete slabs supported on composite structural steel beams and girders.  The survey performed by SK&A incorporated the elevated parking decks, exterior cladding, structural framing, stairwell, and stair/elevator roofs, MEP systems, and vertical conveyance.   The structural framing system and waterproofing items were observed to be in fair to poor condition, with certain components showing signs of severe physical distress, requiring significant remedial repairs or replacement.  The suspended decks were beginning to show signs of extensive spalling and analytical computations performed by SK&A, showed the structure is incapable of withstanding lateral loads induced by seismic forces.  MEP deficient items included a crumbling electrical grid which required a new PEPCO service feed.  For this effort, the existing electrical panels had to be retrofitted and the lighting levels were improved with new lighting and provisions for a new Uninterrupted Power Supply system (UPS) along with an air-conditioned UPS room, to maintain critical life-safety systems in the event of a power outage.  In addition, the outcome of lighting studies provided by J&Z Engineers resulted in new and energy efficient luminaries for the garage lighting upgrades, and traffic control plans for the phasing of the repairs were developed by AMT Civil Engineers.