Eight Tower Bridge Roof Replacement

The Eight Tower Bridge office building features an existing ethylene propylene diene terpolymer roof membrane and roof assemblies, which were scheduled to be replaced due to the failure of the existing roof membrane and accessory materials. The desired basis-of-design for the roof replacement consisted of a torch-applied modified bitumen roof membrane over rigid insulation and roof board materials. The roof replacement project also included in installation of façade access tie-back anchors.

SK&A provided engineering and building enclosure consulting services for the office building roof and prepared permittable project specifications, plans, and details for the roof replacement program. The specifications included general conditions, technical requirements for the work, material requirements, roof assembly technical specifications, and bid forms.

Throughout the roof replacement project, SK&A provided construction administration services and quality assurance/quality control inspections to ensure that the work conformed to the project specifications and manufacturer’s requirements. SK&A worked closely with the roof manufacturer to address field inconsistencies as well as third-party electronic leak detection testing.