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DCX Office Building

Situated on the waterfront at the Wharf mixed-use development, the five-story DCX office building provides breathtaking views of the Potomac River.  The building’s design features 35-foot cantilevers and the structural profile at the ends of the cantilevered floors is only eight inches thick.  The building has been compared to a floating jewel box extending to the Potomac River.

While numerous design concepts with steel and concrete were done, it was determined that a two-way post-tensioned high strength concrete (7,000 psi) slab with drop panels provided both the thin structural profile and long cantilevers that was envisioned for the building.  To achieve a thin profile at the ends of the perimeter, the drop panels were tapered in thickness.  A 5’-0” perimeter of a “no drop panel zone” was created to allow the thin profile at the exterior of the building, while also allowing the glass façade to extend up from floor to floor without the use of spandrel glass.

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Hoffman & Associates,
Morris Adjmi Architects



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