ACI Concrete Convention

November 07, 2023

The National ACI Fall Concrete Convention, held in Boston, Massachusetts, “is the world’s gathering place for advancing concrete materials, design, construction, and repair, bringing together the world’s most well-known leaders with professionals looking to learn,” (

Asst. Project Manager Ahmed H. Al-Rahmani, PhD, PE and Structural Engineer I David Orense, EIT represented SK&A at this year’s event. Ahmed served as a moderator for the ACI 123 Student Poster Session. As a member of ACI Committee 123: Research and Current Developments, and ACI Committee 441: Reinforced Concrete Columns, Ahmed also attended meetings for those committees, as well as sessions during which students, academics, and engineers presented their research/projects.

David had held the chair position in the S805: Student Leadership Council committee during graduate school and has now “graduated” to co-chair of the S806: Young Professionals Committee. He attended sessions and events hosted by these committees, including a panel discussion on “What I Wish I Knew After Graduation” and a Student and Young Professional Networking Event. Additionally, he attended the committee meeting for ACI 364: Rehabilitation of Concrete and attended sessions on visual condition surveys and assessment of historic concrete structures.