Bob Wychulis Retires After 29 Years

January 18, 2023

Robert “Bob” Wychulis, PE is a Senior Associate in SK&A’s Repair + Restoration group. After January 25th, Bob may still be waking up before dawn, but it will be to get out to the water while the fish are biting, rather than to get out to a construction site.

Bob joined SK&A’s Structural Repair and Restoration Division in 1994 as a Project Engineer, was promoted to Project Manager in 1999, became an Associate in 2003, and became a Senior Associate in 2013. Having spent nearly three decades here with us, he will be truly missed by countless SK&A staff who have had the pleasure of working with him.

Here are a few words from Bob’s colleagues reflecting on his time at SK&A and his upcoming retirement:

“Bob has seen it all! Just a few of the unique and interesting projects he has worked on include a battery factory, a prison, a chicken processing plant, the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, and even the bracing and filling of a hand-dug tunnel in a condominium building (fashioned by a building engineer for access to pipes below a slab-on-grade). Bob always took the hands-on approach, and his mentoring was truly done by example. Bob spent his time on jobsites, where the work gets done and where quality repairs are ensured by timely vigilance.” ~ Senior Principal David J. Rodler, PE

“Bob’s incredible work ethic, reliability, attention to detail, organizational skills, mentoring of others, sense of humor, strong technical knowledge, and many other admirable traits have made him an invaluable contributor to the success of SK&A and a pleasure to work with for so many years.” ~Senior Principal J. Brent Stephens, PE

“Bob, you have consistently been a most productive and dependable engineer. I could always rely on your expertise and good engineering judgment. I sincerely hope that your retirement will be rewarding in every respect, with many years of good health and happiness!” ~Founding Principal Azer Kehnemui, DSc, PE

When asked about his plans for this next chapter in his life, Bob said that he eagerly awaits countless days of fishing on lakes and rivers, spending quality time with his “baby,” a mint condition 1998 Corvette, and playing a bit of ice hockey. However, what he looks forward to the most is having a lot more time to spend with his mother.

From all of us at SK&A, we wish Bob a very long and happy retirement!