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The Astoria Façade and Balcony Restoration

The Astoria, a five-story condominium building, was showing visible signs of distress affecting the integrity of the structure.  Areas in need of repair included spalling and delamination of the balcony slab around embedded glass railing posts; failing fenestration sealants; peeling of the balcony waterproofing membrane; and cracked brick masonry and cracked or deteriorated mortar joints.

The deteriorated slab edges posed a risk for railing failure as well as injury to tenants beneath from falling debris. A comprehensive condition evaluation of the building’s balconies and exterior was conducted, followed by a recommended course of action for the repair design and preventive maintenance of the balcony and brick masonry façade. The repair work included:

  • Removal of embedded portions of the existing railing post and installation of new surface mounted railing post shoes.
  • Repair of spalled and deteriorated concrete on all exposed slab edges, balcony top surfaces and soffits (ceiling of slabs).
  • Waterproof membrane application on the balcony slab surfaces.
  • Application of acrylic coating to the balcony slab soffits.
  • Cleaning and coating of exposed masonry lintels.
  • Replacement of cracked or spalled bricks on the façade and repair of cracked and deteriorated mortar joints.
  • Replacement of balcony slider sealants and enclosed balcony perimeter sealants.

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