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Montebello Façade and Balcony Repairs

The Montebello Condominium Complex consists of four 15-story high-rise, cast-in-place concrete buildings with 1,140 units. The majority of the balconies in all of the buildings were converted to living spaces by enclosing them with aluminum frame sliding doors and fixed glass. Visible signs of structural distress in the form of spalling and delaminations within the balconies’ exposed concrete elements (columns, slabs and slab edges) were found. Peeling of the waterproofing membrane on the exposed balconies, cracked brick masonry façade and mortar joints, and deteriorated sealants were problem conditions that were affecting the integrity of the structure.

The condominium initiated a comprehensive condition evaluation program and repairs to the façade and balcony repair were completed on schedule. Repairs included the rehabilitation of spalled and deteriorated concrete, re-sealing of all balcony and façade windows’ interfaces/joints, and the application of a waterproof membrane. In addition, the project entailed the removal and replacement of window head flashing, bricks, vertical expansion and control joints, as well as horizontal relief joints and railings.

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