Edgemont at Bethesda Metro Green Roof Replacement

SK&A’s Repair and Restoration Division performed a detailed survey and evaluation of the roof areas for the apartment building located at 4903 Edgemoor Lane in Bethesda, MD.  As part of the survey, the original architectural and structural drawings were reviewed as well as maintenance reports for the building.  The roof areas were then visually inspected in order to evaluate the condition of the single-ply PVC membrane assembly and to observe the condition of the flashings, terminations, and overall quality of the roofing construction.  

The building roof, which was original to the building, was recommended for complete removal and replacement with a new two-ply SBS modified bitumen membrane adhered to the concrete roof slab in an inverted roof membrane assembly (IRMA) configuration.  The new roof assembly design also incorporated fleece reinforced PMMA liquid flashings and increased insulation to meet new energy code requirements.  As part satisfying Montgomery County’s “green space” requirements, the roof replacement was designed and detailed as a green roof assembly.