Crystal House Balcony Façade Repairs

The 12-story Crystal House apartment building consists of two cast-in-place concrete structures constructed between 1962 and 1965. Severe spalling and delamination of the balcony top surfaces and soffits, deteriorated mortar joints, cracked and spalled bricks as well as systemic water infiltration into the building were some of the problems that affected the integrity of the structure and quality of life. SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Division completed a comprehensive condition assessment and provided repair recommendations for the preventive maintenance of the balcony and exterior envelope.

The project included various brick masonry flashing repairs above leaking windows, the removal of spalled and delaminated concrete slab and nosing, and the cleaning of reinforcing bars and placement of the corrosion inhibitor induced concrete.  SK&A also removed and replaced the damaged balcony rails with new rails to meet current building codes, applied acrylic coating on balcony top surfaces, soffits, and nosings, as well as replaced deteriorated mortar joints and damaged bricks and glazed CMU blocks on the façade.  Additionally, the damaged concrete window sills were removed and replaced and sealant was re-sealed on the vertical joints between the masonry bricks and the glazed CMU blocks.