Connecticut Heights Plaza Pool Deck Repairs

SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Division performed a condition survey and issued repair specifications for the plaza pool deck at the Connecticut Heights apartment complex.  Based on initial observations, the waterproofing system on the top surface of the pool deck had failed resulting in water leaking into the slab.  The water penetration, which was high in chlorine, caused the corrosion of embedded reinforcing bars.  Other deficiencies noted include the poor condition of the structural slab soffit due to the failed waterproofing, corrosion-related damage to the concrete slab and walls due to the embedded fence and rail posts, cracked mortar joints were found in the brick masonry walls, and drainage issues.  The entire elevated plaza pool deck soffit concrete surface was sounded via mason’s hammer to locate delaminated concrete due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel.  

Atlantic Company of America was chosen to perform the repairs and began to mobilize on site and commenced work in September 2016.  Once the topping slab and the underlying waterproofing were removed, concrete repairs were performed.  Additionally, scaling on the top surface of the concrete slab was observed at isolated locations throughout the pool deck.  These areas were treated to obtain a uniform surface.  To perform the work underneath while keeping the drive lane open, Atlantic installed a special scaffolding/platform assembly with overhead protection that was designed to support post shores installed around the repair areas.  Concrete repairs were performed above the platform while the area below was open for traffic.

Upon completion of the concrete repairs, the top surface of the pool deck structural slab was re-waterproofed with hot-applied waterproofing.  New concrete pavers on pedestals, surface mounted fence, and rails were installed.  Rowlock bricks on the masonry walls were replaced by precast coping stones and masonry tuckpointing of cracked mortar joints and brick replacement was performed.  Simultaneously, concrete repairs were performed on the drive lane leading up to the garage.  The de-bonded old membrane was completely removed and Atlantic installed a full system of urethane membrane