16th Street, NW Bridge Over Military Road

SK&A provided testing and inspection services for the 16th Street, NW Bridge over Military Road reconstruction project.  Field technicians performed pull-off testing services in accordance with the project specifications and ASTM C1583.  ETI verified the tensile capacity of the concrete substrate after the surface preparation.  Once the overlay material was installed and adequately cured, it was inspected and tested to verify conformance with the accepted application procedures.   A visual inspection was performed in conjunction with the bond strength testing.  Pull-off adhesion testing was used to determine the bond strength between the substrate and the overlay material.  SK&A also provided a field technician to obtain test specimens in accordance with ASTM C42, and laboratory personnel to test the specimens in accordance with ASTM C39, to determine the compressive strength of in-place concrete.  The test specimens were obtained due to low strength test results of the in-place concrete during construction of the structure. Additionally, SK&A provided a field technician to perform penetration resistance on the hardened concrete barrier, to estimate the in-place strength in accordance with ASTM C803.