2021 WBC Craftsmanship Awards

May 3, 2021

The 2021 WBC Craftsmanship Award winners were recently announced with a virtual presentation program slated for August 2021.  The annual awards recognize the skills of craftsmen who individually provided exceptional workmanship on buildings throughout the Washington, DC area.  Awards are given for a wide range of skills in categories such as concrete, doors and windows, electrical, finishes, masonry, mechanical, metals, sitework, special construction, and woods and plastics.  The awards have been around since 1950 with over 3,400 winning projects and over 13,400 craftsmen recognized for their workmanship.

SK&A is proud of our team members’ contributions to the following award-winning projects:

  • Craftsmanship Award, Cast-in-Place Concrete, District Wharf Phase 2 - Horizontal & Parcels 6 & 7, Washington, DC
  • Craftsmanship Award, Unit Masonry, 150 I Street, SE, Washington, DC
  • Craftsmanship Award, Ornamental Metal, The Wren, 965 Florida Avenue, Washington, DC
  • Craftsmanship Award, Underpinning, Foundations and Excavations, The Wharf - Phase 2 - Horizontal, Washington, DC
  • Craftsmanship Award, Underpinning, Foundations and Excavations, Storey Park, Washington, DC
  • Craftsmanship Award, Architectural Millwork, The Foundry, 200 Stovall Street,
    Alexandria, VA
  • Craftsmanship Award, Architectural Millwork, Riverfront Phase II, Washington, DC

Click here to view the full awards list.