Celebrating Tony Ivory’s 25th Year!

August 22, 2022

We gathered to honor and celebrate a key member of our team who has faithfully served at SK&A for 25 years: Tony Ivory!

Antonio “Tony” Ivory is a Senior Engineering Technician with our Repair and Restoration group. Over the course of his time with us, he has made valuable contributions to numerous projects including: 80 M Street Mass Timber Vertical Expansion (pictured here), Georgetown Day School, DCA Secure National Hall and New North Concourse, and many others.

“Tony has provided structural steel inspections and NDE services on a very wide variety of projects. His skills in the use of GPR, weld testing and other crucial services help the Structural Repair & Restoration Division provide the full range of design and inspection services needed for any project.” ~David Rodler

“We have always appreciated Tony’s hard work, reliability, attention to detail, and loyalty and feel very fortunate to have had Tony as part of the SK&A family for 25 years.” ~Brent Stephens, PE