Palisades Garage Wins ABC Award

July 24, 2023

Congratulations to the Palisades Garage Renovation Project team on winning the ABC Greater Baltimore Diamond Award! SK&A provided the structural engineering design for the retrofit of the existing automated garage into a conventional parking garage. We were pleased to work with FILLAT+ Architecture and Schuster Concrete on this project.

The ABC Greater Baltimore Excellence in Construction program recognizes outstanding projects for their unique characteristics and quality of craftsmanship.

We applaud SK&A Associate Tony Sadr, PE who oversaw the engineering design work for this project.

Below is the link to the video posted by Schuster Concrete Construction about this award:

Quote from the Schuster Concrete Construction post, reflecting on the team effort required to design a solution for removing existing floors and creating new access points:

“… our talented team of experts rose to the challenge! They worked tirelessly to remove, rebuild, and connect sections of the garage, including the elevator, floors, and stairs. Despite working below the building’s courtyard and pool, our team managed to complete the construction with minimal disturbance to the residents by planning around quiet hours and using small chipping guns and saws for noise constraints. And now, thanks to the collaboration of designing a solution and rebuilding the structure, the Palisades garage is a traditional garage that is operable again for its residents.”

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