1133 North Capitol Wins Muse Design Award

May 12, 2023

The site of the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) Headquarters had once been industrial space before becoming DCHA office space. Now it is being transformed once again by MRP Realty in a massive 3-phase redevelopment project called “The 7M.” The first phase of The 7M includes the construction of a residential tower currently called “The Iris” at 1133 North Capitol Street, pictured here, which broke ground in the Summer of 2022. Located at the intersection of M St. and North Capitol, The Iris is a 380,000 SF 13-story multifamily hi-rise.

The 7M was recently awarded as a Silver Winner for Architectural Design – Conceptual by the MUSE Design Awards. These awards are “an international competition for designers whose craftsmanship shift paradigms. Their ingenuity and thorough works leave others in awe, and in so doing redefine boundaries and scope – much like a muse” (design.museaward.com).

SK&A is pleased to be a part of the design and development team for this project, working with Developer MRP Realty; Architect & Planner: Moya Design Partners (who was specifically honored by MUSE); Civil Engineer: Bowman Consulting; Electrical Engineer: Power Design, Inc.; and Interior Designer: Hickok Cole. We further recognize our SK&A team members for their work on this award-winning project: Hakan Onel, PE, SE, Catherine Pastoor, PE, SE, and Maurice O’Connor, PE.

Additional Details from Moya and Muse Design Awards:

Source: design.museaward.com/winner-info.php?id=14652