Thomas Garman

Thomas Garman


Thomas Garman has been a member of SK&A’s Structural Repair and Restoration division since 1996. Tom assumes a multifaceted role in your project’s success, preparing surveys, specifications, details, and drawings. He also oversees the project engineering personnel and performs inspections to ensure that the work aligns with the design drawings and specifications. In addition to his technical expertise, Tom serves as a vital communication bridge between the Owner and the Contractor or subconsultants. His extensive portfolio of renovation and repair projects includes numerous commercial buildings, high-rise residential communities, parking facilities, and other specialized structures. Tom is known for delivering quality work and for helping clients understand the intricacies of the repair and restoration process.

Community Engagement:

  • Coaches Little League
  • Serves as Kid’s Summer Church Camp Counselor


  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University