Kate Wieczorek-Marshall

Accounting Assistant

With over 22 years of experience, Kate has a strong track record of effectively managing client and vendor transactions. As an Accounting Assistant, Kate manages multiple electronic client invoice submittal systems, including platforms such as Coupa, Vendor Cafe, AWS, Textura, WMATA, and more. She is proficient in handling invoices, monitoring the submission process, and maintaining open lines of communication with clients and vendors, offering timely responses to questions and facilitating smooth interactions.

Her expertise in navigating various invoice submission systems ensures a seamless process, leading to improved efficiency and reduced turnaround times. She successfully collaborates with cross-functional teams to resolve billing discrepancies, leading to enhanced client satisfaction and strengthened vendor relationships.

Fun Facts

  • Born in Poland and speaks Polish fluently
  • Coffee enthusiast by day
  • Cat fan
  • Perpetual beachcomber on the weekends