ADA University Athletic Center and Student Housing

SK&A is providing structural engineering services for a new student housing and athletic center building for the ADA University in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The facility will be seven stories with two basement levels.

The building will also contain graduate and undergraduate student housing, guest housing, an athletic center, a bookstore, and a parking garage.  The athletic facility will include a basketball court, a fitness center, and a glass cube area.  The building structure will be poured-in-place reinforced concrete.  

ADA University North Campus School of Humanities & Sciences

SK&A is providing structural engineering services for a new three-story academic building to serve as the new School of Humanities & Sciences facility of the ADA University’s North Campus in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The facility will contain classrooms, seminar areas, student and faculty collaboration spaces, administrative/faculty offices, and circulation spaces.  The building will also have a partial basement level for locker rooms and storage space.

The building’s design utilities materials such as glass, copper, and limestone.  The northwest elevation will contain a copper screen wall with a garden-like façade as well as a south facing glass wall with an exterior solar screen.  

Garanti Bank Headquarters / Olive Grove Towers

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the Olive Grove Towers is a 30-story modernist designed, high-rise building of glass and reinforced concrete that houses the Garanti Bank headquarters.

The distinctive semi-circular architecture of the building is eye-catching to the passerby, both day and night.  The building features 20 office levels, eight parking levels, and two levels of retail/lobby space.  The structure was designed as a reinforced concrete frame with shear walls to resist severe earthquake forces.