The Yards, Parcel L

SK&A provided structural engineering services for the design and construction of the new Thompson Hotel and Estate luxury apartment buildings.  The new buildings are located on parcel L of The Yards, a 42-acre mixed-use, waterfront redevelopment situated along the Anacostia River in Southeast, Washington, DC.

The buildings are designed with joint access between them and are constructed atop of  a shared, below-ground, two-level parking garage.  The project designs also included navigating around a large underground sewer line at the northern end of the site.

  • The Thompson: The upscale Thompson Hotel is part of the Hyatt hotel portfolio.  The 10-story building includes 38 luxury suites, a restaurant at street level, rooftop bar, fitness center and meeting/event space.  
  • The Estate: A luxury, high-rise apartment building with 285 residential units.  The building features ground floor retail and amenities such as, several community lounges (garden, media, work), rooftop swimming pool, indoor spa/whirlpools, fitness center, and pet spa.

The Liz | Whitman-Walker Health

SK&A provided structural engineering services for the redevelopment of the Whitman-Walker Health Clinic site into “The Liz”, a mixed-use development incorporating new residential, retail, and office spaces.  The project also entailed the renovation and repurposing of the clinic’s existing historic structures located at 1701 and 1711 14th Street, NW.

The preservation of the two historic buildings required significant underpinning and other below-grade modifications to the existing basements.  The new structures are seven stories above-grade with two new below-grade levels.  The residential areas occupy approximately 80,000 gsf (78 luxury apartments) and retail and office spaces are 80,000 gsf.   Retail tenants include Sephora, Bluestone Lane, Amazon and Parachute Home.  The office space houses Whitman-Walker’s new headquarters, encompassing their administrative, legal, public benefits and research departments, as well as offices for Fivesquares Development and the Goethe Institute, a German language school.

The development also includes a 2,800 sf cultural space for community events and art exhibitions focused on the LGBTQ community.  The remaining square footage (approximately 60,000 gsf) consist sof areas for parking, loading and other back-of-house functions.

The Yards, Parcel O

Situated in Washington, DC’s Capitol Riverfront neighborhood, The Yards is a 42-acre, 5.5 million sf mixed-use redevelopment featuring residential, office, and retail spaces as well as restaurants and a public park.  SK&A provided structural engineering services for two residential buildings being constructed simultaneously on Parcel O of the development.

The Bower, on Parcel O-1, is a 154,400 gsf, 10-story residential building with 138 condominium units.  Parcel O-2 is a 208,700 gsf, 10-story residential building with 198 units.  Both buildings feature ground floor retail, indoor amenity spaces, lobbies, green roofs, a public courtyard, and a shared two-level, underground parking garage with a flood-resistant design.

The buildings are being constructed over WMATA’s Green Line tunnels, which required that structural analyses be performed to demonstrate the tunnels’ capacity and stability to resist the forces imposed by the unloaded condition during construction and the final condition when the buildings are complete.  

Connecticut Heights Plaza Pool Deck Repairs

SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Division performed a condition survey and issued repair specifications for the plaza pool deck at the Connecticut Heights apartment complex.  Based on initial observations, the waterproofing system on the top surface of the pool deck had failed resulting in water leaking into the slab.  The water penetration, which was high in chlorine, caused the corrosion of embedded reinforcing bars.  Other deficiencies noted include the poor condition of the structural slab soffit due to the failed waterproofing, corrosion-related damage to the concrete slab and walls due to the embedded fence and rail posts, cracked mortar joints were found in the brick masonry walls, and drainage issues.  The entire elevated plaza pool deck soffit concrete surface was sounded via mason’s hammer to locate delaminated concrete due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel.  

Atlantic Company of America was chosen to perform the repairs and began to mobilize on site and commenced work in September 2016.  Once the topping slab and the underlying waterproofing were removed, concrete repairs were performed.  Additionally, scaling on the top surface of the concrete slab was observed at isolated locations throughout the pool deck.  These areas were treated to obtain a uniform surface.  To perform the work underneath while keeping the drive lane open, Atlantic installed a special scaffolding/platform assembly with overhead protection that was designed to support post shores installed around the repair areas.  Concrete repairs were performed above the platform while the area below was open for traffic.

Upon completion of the concrete repairs, the top surface of the pool deck structural slab was re-waterproofed with hot-applied waterproofing.  New concrete pavers on pedestals, surface mounted fence, and rails were installed.  Rowlock bricks on the masonry walls were replaced by precast coping stones and masonry tuckpointing of cracked mortar joints and brick replacement was performed.  Simultaneously, concrete repairs were performed on the drive lane leading up to the garage.  The de-bonded old membrane was completely removed and Atlantic installed a full system of urethane membrane

The Watergate Complex Plaza Repairs

The Watergate Complex in Washington, DC includes a hotel, office building, condominiums, and retail.  SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Division provided repairs to the office building’s B-2 level retail plaza area and B-3 level parking garage directly beneath the plaza.  The B-2 level retail plaza area is leased by Penzance and the B-3 level below is owned by Watergate East, Inc. and consists of residential parking, tenant storage rooms, various hallways, and mechanical rooms.

The original waterproofing on the structural slab located below the exterior plaza topping slab is a continuous coal tar fluid-applied waterproofing system, which at the time of the repair was approximately 43 years in age.  Over the years, the original waterproofing has been exposed in isolated areas throughout the plaza, and removed and replaced with either sheet membranes or hot fluid-applied rubberized asphalt systems.

In 2012, SK&A provided construction documents and specifications related to the concrete repairs and waterproofing design for the B-2 level retail plaza and B-3 level garage.  The work was performed from December 2012 to May of 2013 and consisted of the removal and replacement of the exposed aggregate topping slab located throughout the B-2 level plaza within the retail mall area.  Once the topping was removed, the existing waterproofing was removed and replaced and concrete repairs were also performed to the underlying waffle slab.  An existing two to four inch thick decorative concrete topping was replaced in the center of the plaza with a new black, gray, and white alternating colored Miracote coating.  New waterproofing details were provided at drains and along the plaza perimeter in order to provide tie-ins and terminations, as well as to aide in drainage of the plaza.  The repairs involved daily coordination between the contractor and management in order to complete the work and maintain daily access to each individual retail store impacted by the work.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Campus Repair & Restoration Services

SK&A’s Repair & Restoration (R&R) Division has conducted various services for multiple existing buildings (Buildings #1, 4, 12, 14-16, 82 & 90) at the Walter Reed redevelopment site.  Services have included building envelope condition assessments (including waterproofing), garage surveys and repairs, as well as assistance/input regarding  “mothballing” or preservation efforts of various buildings onsite.  Construction administration and quality assurance services are also expected to be provided under future requests.   Examples  of completed projects include:

  • Main (Original) Hospital, Building #1.  The site’s original hospital facility, Building 1, was completed in December 1908.  A red brick, three-story structure with a basement level, the building was designed in the “New Georgian” style of the era, with a white cupola and Corinthian columns.  R&R conducted a condition survey of the overall exterior façade, accessible roof areas, building envelope, and structural components.  Review of later mothballing efforts was also performed.  Overall, the structure was deemed in fair condition, however isolated components, such as the building fenestration, showed signs of distress.  A final condition assessment report was prepared, detailing the observations and providing recommendations for repair and maintenance.
  • Abrams Hall, Building #14.  Built in or around 1976, Abrams Hall is a three-story residential building with three levels of underground parking garage for 487 cars.  An elevated plaza is located on the main level and is generally contained by the building.  In preparation for partial renovation of the building for new senior housing, SK&A provided structural design as well as repair & restoration services.  R&R conducted a facade condition survey, including exploratory investigation services from the ground to roof levels. A final condition assessment report was prepared, detailing the observations and providing recommendations for repair, in addition to photographic documentation and repair cost estimates.  Full façade repair drawings and specifications were provided as well.
  • Central Heating Plant, Building #15.  Built in or around 1918, the former Central Heating Plant is a concrete, two-story building, with primarily brick exterior walls and an addition with a veneer facade.  Similar to Building #1, R&R conducted a condition survey of the exterior façade and building envelope of the building, as well as a review of structural components.  The building was found to be in overall fair condition and a final report summarizing recommended repairs and maintenance.

Kenwood Condominium Garage and Plaza Renovation

The Kenwood Condominium garage and plaza renovation involved the performance of major structural repairs and architectural modifications to a three-story, 91,000 sf, conventionally reinforced concrete parking structure with a 54,000 sf landscaped plaza on top of the parking structure.  The combination of original design deficiencies and a lack of regular maintenance rendered the concrete slabs and structural framing members in poor condition.  The visible signs of distress led the Owner to conduct a condition survey in 2011, which determined that wall-to-wall slab replacement was required for all elevated parking decks.  In addition to the complete replacement of the parking decks, significant repairs were also required to the concrete walls, beams and columns throughout the garage, as well as the elevated plaza slab.  Alterations to the original plaza structural design requiring modeling and calculations were performed as part of the plaza overhaul.  The plaza landscaping was completely redesigned and replaced, including full waterproofing replacement and structural analysis for the new loading conditions.

Other highlights of the project included infill of approximately three, 200 sf, punched openings in the plaza porte-cochere, and a selection of specialty lightweight soil/foam fill to reduce loading on the structure.  A new air shaft was installed in the garage by punching an approximately 40 square foot triangular opening through the plaza slab to create the opening, and providing new concrete support beams as framing around the large penetration.  The garage remained in-use during the wall-to-wall repairs, which required an intricate eight phase approach that maintained free ingress and egress of traffic as well as full parking capacity to accommodate the building residents.  In addition, complex custom coping and waterproofing design was performed at the garage/plaza perimeter around the original precast architectural concrete panels, to provide a watertight condition without a noticeable aesthetic impact.

Crystal Square Complex Parking Garage Repairs

The Crystal Square Complex in Arlington, Virginia consists of four office buildings and an apartment building bordered by Crystal Drive, 18th Street, 15th Street, and Jefferson Davis Highway in Crystal City.  The five high-rise structures sit atop three levels of subterranean parking used by the residential and commercial entities.  The upper two tiers of parking (G-2 and G-3 Levels) consists of one-way joist slab, flat slab construction, and post-tensioned normal weight concrete slabs with the lowest level (G-4) being a slab-on-grade.

SK&A performed a phased comprehensive condition appraisal of the garage complex that included a delamination survey and preparation of repair budget estimates.  Upon completion of each phase of the garage assessment, SK&A prepared repair construction documents pursuant to the cost budget and scope of repairs authorized by the owner.  SK&A’s construction documents detailed the requirements for the phasing of each of the five building garage sections, and for constructing the structural, MEP, architectural, and waterproofing repairs to the garage.  The documents consisted of drawings and specifications that included the quality level of materials and systems required for the repair program.  Bids were solicited on the Owner’s behalf and SK&A reviewed the received bids and provided recommendations for an award.

Atlantic Plumbing, 8th and V Streets, NW

The former Atlantic Plumbing site, located along 8th and V Streets near Florida Avenue, NW, includes three separate parcels A, B and C.  SK&A provided structural engineering services for the development of Parcels A and B which include two new, luxury, urban high-design residential buildings with ground-level retail spaces and underground parking for 190 cars.  Parcel C, which is currently under design, includes a nine-story hotel and a 10-story residential building connected together by a bridge spanning W Street, NW.  

The first building at 2112 8th Street, NW (Parcel A) is a 10-story, cast-in-place concrete building with 339 units and two levels of below-grade parking.  Building amenities include a rooftop pool, bar, kitchenettes, movie screening area, vegetable garden plots, a business center, communal lounge area with theater, a fitness center, and bicycle storage rooms.  To give the building an edgy, industrial look, the exterior exo-skeleton frame of the building is comprised of Corten weathering steel.  The design and detail of the steel frame exo-skeleton is designed to resist both lateral and thermal loads.

2030 8th Street, NW (Parcel B) includes a second building with six stories and 71 condominium units.  This smaller building is a cast-in-place concrete structure with one level of below-grade parking.  The building features 10’ ceilings, rooftop terraces, a business center, as well as fitness and bicycle storage rooms.

In addition to traditional retail, the project includes 1,500 sf of artist studios occupied by the Washington Project for the Arts as well as a 10,000 sf Landmark movie theater.

The Calvert Apartments

SK&A provided comprehensive structural engineering services for the renovation and reconfiguration of The Calvert Apartments from a dated high-rise building, into a contemporary, mixed-use residential complex. The development features a central 16-story modernized tower with two new apartment buildings on each side as well as underground parking.

The new apartment buildings consist of four levels of post-tensioned concrete over a reinforced concrete retail level.  The first level above the retail floor is an 18” thick transfer slab.  The buildings also feature green roofs, amenities, and three levels of parking below ground.

The project totals 114,000 sf of residential space amongst the two new apartment buildings, 14,200 sf of retail space, 205,000 sf of underground parking for 522 cars and 193,000 sf of renovated residential space within the existing high-rise apartment building. The revitalization of the high-rise portion of the project was extensive and required multiple improvements, including:

  • Replacement of the building’s exterior skin 
  • Addition of a new roof parapet wall 
  • Design of a new building entrance canopy 
  • Enclosure of the existing ground level drive-through at the building entry and addition of four new units within that space
  • Underpinning of the existing building foundations along the new garage 
  • Replacement of the wall assembly with new curtain wall and arched roof profile 
  • Configuration of a new pool
  • Expansion of the existing penthouse levels
  • Modification of two existing elevators 
  • Addition of a new freight elevator and two new elevators to serve the low-rise residential
  • Demolishment of the first floor slab within the hi-rise; the floor was reconstructed to match the first floor level of the new low-rise 
  • Addition of new connection corridors between the new buildings, the hi-rise tower, and new loading dock areas