Flour Mill Façade Repairs

SK&A performed improvements to two historic buildings and a 1980’s office building. Located in Georgetown, DC, along the Potomac River, the site features balconies and terraces on all floors with landscaped planters in the north elevation overlooking a common plaza.

The terraces were surfaced with brick pavers on sand bed, over a protected waterproofing membrane. The planters and balconies were showing signs of leakage and water migration into the building and window heads were leaking throughout the exterior. Severe corrosion of base flashings and metal track supporting store-fronts and windows had also resulted in water migration into the building. 

SK&A performed a comprehensive condition evaluation followed by the preparation of recommendations for repair design and preventive maintenance of the balcony, planters, window head flashing, and the waterproofing over the plaza slab adjacent to the storefront.

Repair work included repairing spalled and deteriorated concrete, excavating planters at the balcony terraces, waterproofing, replacing deteriorated caulk sealants and vertical expansion joint seals, coating patches to match the color and texture of adjacent coating, and through-wall head flashing replacement in the brick masonry.