Domain College Apartments Waterproofing

SK&A provided waterproofing and envelope-design consulting services for this luxury apartment complex in College Park, MD. The project entailed four levels of wood-framed construction overlaid with brick masonry, an exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS), and various exterior building skin materials.  SK&A completed a peer review of the design documents at the 90% stage, identified waterproofing detailing and materials issues, evaluated the completeness and coordination of the building envelope design, and advised regarding materials and methods of construction.

Construction document peer review was limited to the exterior envelope of the building superstructure and included the roof, façades, balconies, waterproofing and envelope analysis.  Additional tasks include:

  • Building façade waterproofing consulting and review
  • Installation of vehicular traffic-bearing waterproof membranes on elevated garage decks
  • Roofing waterproofing  and detailing
  • Foundation wall waterproofing
  • Installation of an under-slab draining system and a water-tight street-level expansion joint systems.  
  • A hygrothermal peer review analysis