Buchanan House Garage Repair

Repair and restoration of a three-story, below-grade parking facility in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia. The considerably large rehabilitation project included repair of the deteriorated concrete of the post-tensioned (PT) elevated slab and restoration of the post-tensioned “button head” tendons structural system.

The project was unique and complicated from an engineering standpoint as it required the removal and repair/replacement of 322 “button head” wire post-tensioned tendons with original hardware and monostrand post-tension cables (without trenching and replacing sections) with a new “button-head” system.

Another unique repair procedure used was the repair & replacement of deteriorated concrete and the restoration of severely corroded and broken “button-head” tendons at isolated areas of approximately 85 – 100 SF of elevated PT slab, where post-tensioned systems spanned in both north-south and east-west directions.  The contractor performed original stressing procedures for stressing operation of four monostrand post-tensioned cables.

Overall services provided include: concrete repair and renovation, masonry repair and renovation, precast panel repair, caulking and sealing, reinforcement repair, waterproofing and protection as well as asphalt repair and replacement. We also contributed capital planning and budgeting, project management, structural evaluation and repair and technical support.

This project won the Excellence in Concrete Award for the Year 2009 by the American Concrete Institute.