2000 N Street, NW Plaza Renovation

This project entailed the renovation and conversion of a hotel facility into a rental apartment complex.  Prior to commencing the general building renovation, repairs to the garage, as well as plaza strengthening and plaza waterproofing were required. Repairs included: waterproofing and repair of the plaza deck over the garage, structural analysis and strengthening of the plaza deck to support the proposed new plaza landscape design, along with full depth wall-to-wall removal; and replacement and waterproofing of the below-grade parking deck.

SK&A’s structural analysis determined that many areas of the plaza slab needed varying levels of reinforcement in both positive and negative movement areas.  Strengthening of the plaza deck involved both carbon fiber reinforcement and the casting of new concrete beams into the plaza deck, which extended both above and below.  A total of 21 new concrete beams were cast into the plaza slab.

Additional work included the installation of new rooftop unit steel-frame supports, masonry planter wall construction, plaza drain installations (determined from plaza deck flood testing results), and the demolition and reconstruction of two balconies to provide a new curved shape matching the plaza design features.