1333 H Street, NW Garage/Façade Repairs and Roof Membrane Replacement

Located at the intersection of 14th and H Streets in DC’s Federal Triangle section, the 1333 H Street site consists of the historic Real Estate Trust Building, constructed in the early 1900’s, and a more recent structure built in 1982, which is located above a subterranean parking garage.

As part of a comprehensive property condition assessment, SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Division performed a visual observation of the 12-story building’s exterior envelope, building structure and parking garage.

The parking garage survey included forensic testing of the concrete to evaluate the level of deterioration affecting the garage structure’s integrity.  To initiate a garage repair program, quantity summaries and budget estimates were also prepared. The suspended decks exhibited corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcing and electrical conduits, as well as severe deterioration of the metal decking and structural steel girders. The full garage repair program estimated various categories of full deck replacement and partial depth deck repairs, crack sealing and foundation mat partial depth surface patching. 

Representative areas of the roofs and skylight during the site inspection were also reviewed.  The gravel ballast and concrete pavers located in an isolated area of the main roof were pulled back in order to observe the condition of the membrane and to observe the quality of the roofing construction. Staged access to the exterior façades of the historic Real Estate Trust Building were conducted in order to perform close-up examination of the terracotta elements, masonry and windows. After reviewing prior façade restoration drawings, the building façade was determined to be in need of terracotta repairs and window replacement. The scope also included the replacement of skylights, the complete removal of the existing roofing system and replacement with a two ply SBS modified bitumen system in IRMA configuration.

Consequently, SK&A prepared bidding documents to cover each aspect of the building structure and envelope waterproofing repairs. Additional consulting services included: concrete and masonry repair and renovation; caulking and sealing; reinforcement repair; waterproofing and protection and  structural evaluation and repair.