Atlantic Plumbing, 8th and V Streets, NW

The former Atlantic Plumbing site, located along 8th and V Streets near Florida Avenue, NW, includes three separate parcels A, B and C.  SK&A provided structural engineering services for the development of Parcels A and B which include two new, luxury, urban high-design residential buildings with ground-level retail spaces and underground parking for 190 cars.  Parcel C, which is currently under design, includes a nine-story hotel and a 10-story residential building connected together by a bridge spanning W Street, NW.  

The first building at 2112 8th Street, NW (Parcel A) is a 10-story, cast-in-place concrete building with 339 units and two levels of below-grade parking.  Building amenities include a rooftop pool, bar, kitchenettes, movie screening area, vegetable garden plots, a business center, communal lounge area with theater, a fitness center, and bicycle storage rooms.  To give the building an edgy, industrial look, the exterior exo-skeleton frame of the building is comprised of Corten weathering steel.  The design and detail of the steel frame exo-skeleton is designed to resist both lateral and thermal loads.

2030 8th Street, NW (Parcel B) includes a second building with six stories and 71 condominium units.  This smaller building is a cast-in-place concrete structure with one level of below-grade parking.  The building features 10’ ceilings, rooftop terraces, a business center, as well as fitness and bicycle storage rooms.

In addition to traditional retail, the project includes 1,500 sf of artist studios occupied by the Washington Project for the Arts as well as a 10,000 sf Landmark movie theater.

The Calvert Apartments

SK&A provided comprehensive structural engineering services for the renovation and reconfiguration of The Calvert Apartments from a dated high-rise building, into a contemporary, mixed-use residential complex. The development features a central 16-story modernized tower with two new apartment buildings on each side as well as underground parking.

The new apartment buildings consist of four levels of post-tensioned concrete over a reinforced concrete retail level.  The first level above the retail floor is an 18” thick transfer slab.  The buildings also feature green roofs, amenities, and three levels of parking below ground.

The project totals 114,000 sf of residential space amongst the two new apartment buildings, 14,200 sf of retail space, 205,000 sf of underground parking for 522 cars and 193,000 sf of renovated residential space within the existing high-rise apartment building. The revitalization of the high-rise portion of the project was extensive and required multiple improvements, including:

  • Replacement of the building’s exterior skin 
  • Addition of a new roof parapet wall 
  • Design of a new building entrance canopy 
  • Enclosure of the existing ground level drive-through at the building entry and addition of four new units within that space
  • Underpinning of the existing building foundations along the new garage 
  • Replacement of the wall assembly with new curtain wall and arched roof profile 
  • Configuration of a new pool
  • Expansion of the existing penthouse levels
  • Modification of two existing elevators 
  • Addition of a new freight elevator and two new elevators to serve the low-rise residential
  • Demolishment of the first floor slab within the hi-rise; the floor was reconstructed to match the first floor level of the new low-rise 
  • Addition of new connection corridors between the new buildings, the hi-rise tower, and new loading dock areas

ADA University Athletic Center and Student Housing

SK&A is providing structural engineering services for a new student housing and athletic center building for the ADA University in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The facility will be seven stories with two basement levels.

The building will also contain graduate and undergraduate student housing, guest housing, an athletic center, a bookstore, and a parking garage.  The athletic facility will include a basketball court, a fitness center, and a glass cube area.  The building structure will be poured-in-place reinforced concrete.  

Pre-cast Modular Housing in Jizan

SK&A served as the prime consultant for this pre-cast modular housing complex, coordinating the architectural and mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) teams and structural services.  SK&A also helped in designing an innovative concrete mold system for the production of pre-cast modules used for the housing units.  The system allows for the fast production and installation of the low-rise housing units for use in Saudi Arabia, and potentially, other locations.

Additional scope tasks included meeting and coordinating the pre-cast mould manufacturers, coordinating design drawings with the design team and applying adaptations to the pre-cast modular system.  Shop drawing review and construction administration services were also provided.

733 15th Street, NW (The Woodward Building)

Complete restoration and conversion of a circa 1910 steel and concrete-framed 11-story office building (including one basement level) into a residential apartment building.  Historic restoration activities included modifying floors constructed of terra cotta flat arches with concrete fill, and rehabilitation of the multi-wythe brick façade.  The façade materials also included stone at the lower levels and terra cotta at the uppermost levels.  Several columns were removed in the basement to facilitate parking.  Hydraulic jacks were used to pre-deflect six new steel transfer girders at the ground floor used to replace the columns.  Stairs were reconfigured throughout, terraces added to the roof, and two vehicular elevators added to access the below-grade parking.

The project was awarded the 2009 Outstanding Project Award for Excellence in Structural Engineering by the Structural Engineers Association of Metropolitan Washington. 

Sibley Memorial Hospital

SK&A is the structural engineer-of-record for a number of expansion projects at the Sibley Memorial Hospital.  The projects consisted of a number of new building additions to the existing Hospital campus.

A new four-story, state-of-the art Assisted Care Facility (117,000 sf), and a new Skilled Care Center (94,000 sf) was designed and built on the hospital grounds along the MacArthur Boulevard end of the site, together with a separate three-story parking structure.

Additions and alterations to the existing hospital consisted of the construction of new intensive care units; surgeon emergency; materials handling; pharmacy; MRI; linear accelerator; and heart catheterization laboratory, totaling approximately 40,000 sf.

Promenade Plaza Rehabilitation

SK&A provided plaza restoration services at the Promenade Towers apartment complex.  The spacious, elevated plaza includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool and is bordered by the two high-rise residential buildings all of which sits over a three-story garage.  The plaza/garage structure consists of cast-in-place concrete framing with post-tensioned concrete elevated slabs and was constructed in four sections separated by expansion joints.

Originally constructed around 1972, the plaza and pool included a concrete topping sundeck and several deep planters.  The overall plaza appearance had become aesthetically displeasing due to deteriorating topping slab and planter wall conditions. There were several leaks through the plaza deck, down into the garage space below, and structural distress existed in isolated locations, particularly under the planters.

SK&A performed the initial analysis of the plaza structure to determine allowable load capacities and provided strengthening design once the final landscape concept plan was completed.  The project also required concrete repair, waterproofing, steel/carbon fiber strengthening, and post-tension repair.  All of the strengthening and waterproofing were fast-tracked over a four and a half month period.

2000 N Street, NW Plaza Renovation

This project entailed the renovation and conversion of a hotel facility into a rental apartment complex.  Prior to commencing the general building renovation, repairs to the garage, as well as plaza strengthening and plaza waterproofing were required. Repairs included: waterproofing and repair of the plaza deck over the garage, structural analysis and strengthening of the plaza deck to support the proposed new plaza landscape design, along with full depth wall-to-wall removal; and replacement and waterproofing of the below-grade parking deck.

SK&A’s structural analysis determined that many areas of the plaza slab needed varying levels of reinforcement in both positive and negative movement areas.  Strengthening of the plaza deck involved both carbon fiber reinforcement and the casting of new concrete beams into the plaza deck, which extended both above and below.  A total of 21 new concrete beams were cast into the plaza slab.

Additional work included the installation of new rooftop unit steel-frame supports, masonry planter wall construction, plaza drain installations (determined from plaza deck flood testing results), and the demolition and reconstruction of two balconies to provide a new curved shape matching the plaza design features.

Parc Somerset Repairs

The condominium association of this 18-story, luxury high-rise complex undertook a preventive maintenance approach to offset future (and more expensive repairs) by initiating an exterior repair program.  SK&A completed a comprehensive condition evaluation followed by recommendations for the repair design and preventive maintenance of the balcony, garage, and main entrance of the building.    

Work performed included:

  • Repairs to visible concrete deterioration caused by corrosion of embedded post-tension cables and anchor grout plugs;
  • Repairs to the significantly worn waterproofing membrane top coat in the garage;
  • Installation of the Dryvit system on the balcony soffit of Unit 1403; and
  • Replacement and re-setting of brick pavers caused by settlement at the entrance of the building.   

Montebello Façade & Balcony Repairs

The Montebello Condominium Complex consists of four 15-story high-rise, cast-in-place concrete buildings with 1,140 units. The majority of the balconies in all of the buildings were converted to living spaces by enclosing them with aluminum frame sliding doors and fixed glass. Visible signs of structural distress in the form of spalling and delaminations within the balconies’ exposed concrete elements (columns, slabs and slab edges) were found. Peeling of the waterproofing membrane on the exposed balconies, cracked brick masonry façade and mortar joints, and deteriorated sealants were problem conditions that were affecting the integrity of the structure.

The condominium initiated a comprehensive condition evaluation program and repairs to the façade and balcony repair were completed on schedule.  Repairs included the rehabilitation of spalled and deteriorated concrete, re-sealing of all balcony and façade windows’ interfaces/joints, and the application of a waterproof membrane.  In addition, the project entailed the removal and replacement of window head flashing, bricks, vertical expansion and control joints, as well as horizontal relief joints and railings.