ATPCO Aviation Drive Roof Membrane Replacement

SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Group performed roof replacement services for this four-story office building, originally built in 1969. The concrete frame building with post tension concrete slabs has a full level below-grade and is surrounded by parking and driveways on all four sides. The roof area is approximately 29,400 SF with approximately 770 linear feet of perimeter.

The existing roofing membrane assembly consists of two separate generations of roofing: the original 1969 roof membrane over insulation and a 1990 overlay membrane.  The 1990 overlay is a 160 mil thick modified bitumen (APP) single-ply membrane torch applied directly over the built-up membrane with its gravel removed.  An aluminum coating was applied over the top surface.  The roof has little if any slope towards the roof drains.  

SK&A completely removed the existing roofing system and replaced it with a single-ply TPO system.  The scope also included an existing condition evaluation report, preparation of budget estimates for the roof covering replacement, preparation of construction documents and assistance in the bidding, negotiation and contract award process, as well as construction administration services.