3300 75th Ave Roof Membrane Replacement

An office and warehouse facility, the property is located in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on 75th Avenue.  The current roof waterproofing system was a loose-laid EPDM membrane over loose laid rigid insulation.  The membrane was held in place with uniformly distributed stone ballast. 

The total surface area of the roof is approximately 164,000 SF.  Most of the roof area was raised and is positioned above the warehouse.  The roof has standard penetrations for mechanical exhaust vents and bathroom exhaust and plumbing vents.  Natural light is provided through skylights located throughout the raised roof area over the warehouse.  Rooftop equipment is supported on concrete pads as well as on structural steel dunnage. 

SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Division managed the complete removal of the existing roofing system and replacement with a three ply built-up asphalt system.  The project scope also included the replacement of skylights, smoke vents and the gutter system. In addition, we provided consulting services including: preparation of construction documents, assistance in bidding, negotiation and contract award process, and performance of construction administration services.