2500 Wilson Blvd. Roof Membrane Replacement

SK&A’s Repair & Restoration Group performed the replacement of the roof membrane on this old five-story office building was constructed in 1986.  The building structure is a conventionally reinforced one-way slab and joist system.  The façade consists of 5” thick pre-cast concrete spandrel panels with continuous ribbon windows. 

A centrally located roof penthouse has a roof structure of metal deck on steel joists.  The main roof parapet is a four foot high continuation of the façade precast panels.  The existing main roof membrane was a single-ply, loose laid, non-reinforced, 40 mil thick EPDM sheet membrane.  The insulation is a 2” thick extruded polystyrene rigid insulation board loosely laid on top of the structural concrete slab. The membrane and insulation are ballasted with #2 smooth washed round river bottom stone and 24” by 24” by 2” thick concrete walkway pavers at the perimeter and around the penthouse.
SK&A removed the existing roofing system and replaced it with a single ply KEE system.  Additional consulting services provided include: an existing condition evaluation report, preparation of budget estimates for the roof covering & replacement, preparation of construction documents, assistance in bidding, negotiation and contract award process, as well as construction administration services.